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SWID is a project of the Swedish Network for Wind Utilization, which in turn is financed and coordinated by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The project is initiated and operated by the Regional Council in Kalmar County (representing the “node” for industry and business development in the Swedish Network for Wind utilization), Power Väst of Region Västra Götaland and Triple Steelix in the Bergslagen region.

SWID is a business portal that aims to become a complete and searchable database for the need of products and service within the Swedish wind energy sector, including manufacturing, planning, construction, installation, operation and maintenance. Here, one can search new suppliers, customers or cooperative partners in respect to logistical / geographical conditions, project phases, component categories and competence areas.

A company registered at SWID may be an existing and established player within the Swedish wind industry. It may also be one that is competent with ambition and potential to become an established player.


If you have questions or concerns regarding our services please contact us at info@windindustry.se.

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Fredrik Dolff

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