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Offshore vind närmar sig 7 GW i världen

16 May 2014

In the new Wind Energy Report Germany 2013 Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) researchers confirm that offshore wind energy is increasing worldwide. While the UK is leading with 50 % offshore market share, more than 2 GW are under construction in Germany. Japan enters the offshore market with prototypes of floating turbines.

The globally installed offshore wind capacity has reached 6,900 MW, with 90 % of turbines being installed in European waters. The UK is pushing ahead with 776 MW capacity added in the large offshore wind farms London Array, Lincs and Teesside which is half of the 1,600 MW added capacity in 2013. Germany completed the installation of the wind farms Bard Offshore 1 and Riffgat. With 620 MW installed and 2,000 MW under construction, the country is gaining grounds in the offshore market.

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